Barbados supports Morocco’s autonomy initiative

By nation news

According to the Foreign Minister of Barbados, Jerome Walcott, Barbados is supporting the autonomy initiative of Morocco.

After discussing with Nasser Bourita, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jerome Walcott revealed to the press that Barbados endorses the autonomy initiative suggested by Morocco as he considered the initiative as a serious, outstanding and practical solution to the dispute over the Sahara within the Moroccan sovereignty.

According to the Barbadian official, since the year 2013, Barbados had stopped to recognise SADR. Also, in 1988, Barbados had found out the fake entity.

A strong relationship between the two nations has been solidified by the visit, and also, leads to a promising agreement as Minister praises Morocco as an agile and logical ally.

Also, he commended the significant contribution of HM King Mohammed VI in facilitating the interfaith discussion as well as the importance of tolerance, co-existence and peace between Muslims, Jews and the Christians. He further explained that Pope Francis visiting Morocco has best exemplified the good relationship.


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