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Ibn Al-Rashid demands Algeria to follow America

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The Moroccan authorities have rejected the allegations of Amnesty International

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South Africa shuffles Algeria’s cards in the desert

PoliticsSouth Africa shuffles Algeria’s cards in the desert


When “Julius Caesar” stood with bleeding body after being perfidy stabbed by those he trusted, he kept on walking in a historic scene that narrates the story of the greatest treason, until he stood before his old friend Protos” which didn’t hesitate for a moment to stab him as well, then, and while he was watching the dagger of his most beloved friend sheds his guts, he said his famous saying ( even you Protos ) this was the stab that dropped him down and pulled out his last breath….,The front witnessed the same scene and the same treason at the last meeting of the African Union, the meeting was the heaviest on our hearts and the toughest to tolerate. Because the south African president in this historic frustrating circumstance to the fool people of the desert, and after they hanged their hopes high on him, he stood before the camera, and said that he adopts the decision no.693 of Nouakchott summit of 2018, which supports the exclusive efforts of the UN in this matter, along with establishing “Troika” mechanism to support the nations efforts. And there “Ibrahim Ghaly” felt embarrassed the most, as he was the one promoting since 2016 to the idea that believed in the African Union as the first defense line for us,.. in the beginning the struggle friends and the revolutionaries of the world abandoned us, and today “Ramaphosa” from the heart of the sad continent slaps us before the eyes and ears of the world, and all we have got today is saying (even you “Ramaphosa”)!!.

Something has changed over night, this variable turned the situation upside down and deflated our map of alliances, with my conservatism on the term of alliances, because what we had in the past was only sympathies not countries alliances, and our diplomats  could not turn this sympathy into alliance for a simple reason, that our leaders don’t have what to offer to the world to gain alliance, that we haven’t got modern economy, manufacturing in the land of refuges, nor natural resources…, and  worse than that is that our leaders strived only to maintain the food basket of the dessert people offered by the generously contributing and compassionate countries, which means that our leader used to impose tax on those countries which are amazed by our military arsenal. so in the world’s eyes we became like a surreal painting of a hungry barefoot child wearing thread and holding an expensive toy.

The South African president frustrating stand did not surprise those who are familiar to the situation, nor considered a diplomatic earthquake, because the signs of the situation have emerged since South Africa’s last presidency of the security council, which made it discover the hidden facts after its inability to include discussion of the desert issue and rejecting the members to it, which confirmed to Ramaphosa that Mandela’s country is too weak to stand against Morocco and face it internationally, and that the future and the world’s interest is in Morocco’s favor, and that the major members of the security council are Morocco’s true friends and allies. And that the state that chairs the council does not matter who, it is forced to abide the council agenda and the opinion of the big five of the council.

And when the South African president said during the last African summit that he supports the decision no.693 of Nouakchott summit and supports the exclusive efforts of the United Nations in the matter, he didn’t mean that the UN has a vision to resolve the disagreement and provide the desert people with his demands as the media marketing for us. But he meant to give some capitals a clear speech especially Algeria, that the state of South Africa will look for its best interest as a priority, and its attitude will serve in the future the people of South Africa, and that no more fights irrelevant to its people, and here is the question…what are the secrets behind the attitude shift? And is there disagreement with the state of Algeria?

The fact is that the relations of the state of South Africa and Algeria are in a period of freezing, since “Gaid Saleh” passed away. With leaking word from the South African diplomates in Algeria about notes were stated by “Pretoria” to “Mouradia” palace in regards of people participation in the presidential elections that put “Abdelmajid Teboun” on Algerian’s chair, and other notes about the participation in voting for the constitution, and that South Africa has lost the diplomatic communication with “Mouradia palace” after president “Teboun” illness…, further more, those who are familiar with the nature of relation between both countries say that Teboun being president of Algeria took away multi billion, and economic privileges South Africa received before from Algeria in return of its diplomatic support to  Ploisario front.

And in parallel with the deadlock in the South African-Algerian relations, which negatively affected the issue of the desert internationally, the recent African summit was to discuss free trade among the exhausted countries of the continent. This summit took place right after studies centers in America, Europe and Asia revealed the results of circumstances analysts, these report of the studies by the international bank agree unanimously that few countries will benefit from the period after the pandemic, and that they will achieve an economic boom in each of north Africa and The Middle East. Those reports mentioned that Morocco is one of the short list of the countries which will recover quickly of the pandemic and will turn into an international major economic platform. But these studies include some very dangerous notes, and some expectations could be concluded out of them about the future of the continent. Because the International Bank stated in its recent recommendation that “creatin green recovery is a must”.

This recommendation refer us to Morocco’s plane that invested over 10 billion dollar within the last 20 years in the countries of the African depth, and established fertilizer production platforms, all care close to the important water centers in Africa, and connect all these investments with a solid banking system, looks like Morocco knew that the world will go through complicated crises and that recovering from it and returning to the front has to be through two kinds of investments : tillage and technology, and it worked very well, and that the studies that put Morocco on the short list of post pandemic global economic leaders, were not coincidence or bid. But reasonable reading of the future.

South Africa knows that Morocco will play a bigger role in the near future, especially that Morocco will manufacture the vaccine for African people, and located on the Chinese silk road, which is called by the economic media as the Marshal project of the 21st century. Thus, South Africa realizes that risking the interest of the continent, its people, and its own interest must end. As if Ramaphosa was influenced by the advice of the former Tunisian president Monsef Marzouky.



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