Omar Hilale, Moroccan Representative at the UN

Morocco has welcomed Resolution 2468 which has been adopted by the UN Security Council.  The resolution has met Moroccan expectations regarding the position in Western Sahara according to their permanent UN Representative, Omar Hilale.

The resolution confirms that a political resolution to the dispute will be achieved by round-table diplomacy.  The resolution was passed by a large majority and has extended MINURSO’s mandate by a further 6 months. The Ambassador spoke to the press in New York after the meting at UN Headquarters.  He noted that there is no longer any mention of a 5th round in the negotiations.  This answers Morocco’s requirement of a process that moves away from the mistakes and failures of the past.

There were two round-table discussions in December and March and these have been welcomed by the UN Security Council.  Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and Polisario have been urged to work together in discussions to find an agreement to the dispute.

Resolution 2468 comes after Resolution 2440 and confirms that Algeria has a major rôle to play in the dispute.  The council are now urging Algeria to make a political effort to resolve the situation alongside, and on a equal footing to  Morocco, and to continue to do so until a the political process has been completed.

Whereas in Resolution 2414 Algeria was barely mentioned, the Ambassador pointed out that when the resolution discussed the political process, Algeria was names as often as Morocco.

This is the third resolution on Western Sahara in which the Security Council has reaffirmed its role in enabling the establishment of a political solution based on mutual compromise.


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