Mustapha El Khalfi

Mustapha El Khalfi, a spokesperson for Morocco,  during his weekly report on the government council, spoke on the adoption of the most recent UN resolution, number 2468, stating that the text confirmed that Polisario had committed violations in the areas the group calls the ‘liberated zone’.  These areas are east of Morocco’s defence wall.

El Khalfi stated that the resolution made it clear that Polisario’s claims for responsibility in this area was false and denounced violations by the group in the region.  The group, along with Algeria are now expected to comply with the UN resolutions as they stand.

The Moroccan government was pleased with the adoption of Resolution 2468 on April 30th, where it achieved majority support at the UN Security Council.

The resolution broke with tradition by mentioning Algeria five times, ending its position as a neighbouring state and placing it firmly as a party to the conflict in Western Sahara. Algeria is now seen as an integral party in this long-standing dispute over territory in the region.

El Khalfi confirmed that  the resolution continues to show Morocco as a key player and recognises the country’s committent to finding a resolution to the conflict in full cooperation with the  United Nations.

The resolution also recognises Morocco’s Autonomy Plan as the key  to moving the situation forward by promoting compromise and conciliation in order to find a permanent and realistic political outcome  in the region.

El Khalfi  reiterated the ongoing position of Morocco in the political process led by the UN.  He stressed that the conflict must be resolved through political agreement and in a realistic manner that is acceptable to all parties.  He reaffirmed his belief that  Morocco’s autonomy plan provides a useful basis for this to happen

Along with the territorial issues, he also emphasized that it was vital to address the human rights violations taking place in the Tindouf camps.  There have been several protests within the camps targeting Algeria and the Polisario Front where Sahrawis have demonstrated against the restrictions in the area and the lack of free movement,




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